Personal Training Services

The ‘New Goals’ Journey

2017 is fast approaching and with coming into a New Year, some of us will be thinking of a New Start, New Goals and a New Approach. If you are even considering or contemplating getting 2017 off to a great start  (NB check out my new cycle of change blog and see where you are!) and you live in South West / West London these are some of the options I can offer to get you started:

Body Composition Analysis & Static Health Test

At every consultation as a standard I will complete a static health test such as taking your resting heart rate and blood pressure. This will also satisfy us both that you are safe to go ahead. Your heart rate is going to get high with ReflexPT so we need to cover all the basics!

With every free consultation booked in December and January, I am also offering free body composition analysis. It is so important to understand how your body is built and the impact this may be having on your health. We know that exercise can directly impact on our health in the short and long term. However this can be both positively and negatively. For instance if you have high blood pressure it is critical that as Personal Trainer we know this so that we ensure the exercises we programme for you aim to reduce this in the long term without increasing in the short term.

Completely optional – Body Composition Analysis can be completed at the intial appointment and will be reviewed at intervals throughout your time with ReflexPT.

I am qualified to assess the following –

Skinfold AnalysisConsidered to be practical and popular but a little bit invasive (old school) with this technique I use callipers to measure body fat around your body ranging across your arms and back to give an overall body fat percentage. This is great for setting goals as its easy to remeasure at any time.

Body Mass Index – Using a standard formula we can determine your BMI which is understood by medical professionals and provides an account of your proportions. This is how Dr’s determine if you are under or overweight. However, we know that in exercise this method has its limitations due to body composition (muscle mass) not being factored in. Hence why a 6ft 5 Rugby player may be inappropriately assessed as overweight. We can do this one with a pinch of salt – depending on your goals.

Waist to Hip Ratio – Simple but effective. By taking measurements from around your hips and waist and applying a standard forumla we can assess if your risk of heart disease is increased due to excess fat stored in the adominal region. It is well known amongst medical professionals that fat stored within the abdominal region is particulalry risky to our health – so better to know now and to address to decrease your risk.

Strength Training

You’ll have heard and seen the Instagram following #strongnotskinny and its amazing and its right. Im glad there has been a movement towards women becoming strong and not skinny. Its simple and effective. Me and Laura apply this to both Body tand Mind too. Women should feel physically and mentally strong, but we know this isnt always the case. We know because we’ve both been there. So when we say Strength Training, trust me when I say we are going to build both.

By increasing your power, endurance and strength (by using your own body weight and eventually additional weight) you are going to be burning more calories then any 45 minute session on a cross trainer. Not only that but you will be burning calories long after I have left due to the spike in your metabolism. Some scientists think this spike can last up to 72 hours! Long live the weights!

Combine this with some seriously focused High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you are going to be strong in no time. I pride myself on developing programmes specifically on an individuals needs. Whether you are over weight, out of shape or looking to increase your fitness I will ensure you recieve a personalised approach to enable you to reach your goals.

Introduction to Running

Now I love a good weight session, but other days I dont. Other days I want to just run, sometimes fast sometimes I just dawdle. I am on one serious mission to make sure women get out and about running. Its so important for everyone to know that they can. You might not want to which is a different thing, but its unacceptable that someone might be thinking they cant. 

Running has really taken off in the UK over the last few years and one non runner after another has joined the movement slowly but surely over these years. Park Run is evidence of this and you only have to go and observe a Park Run to see the sweaty women and blokes bezzing it up front, to the 5 year old kids running with their mums and dads (usually pacing me), to friends, grandmas and dogs walking at the back with their Saturday morning coffee. Its great, everyone gets their 5 kilometere run, walk, hop or skip comepleted by 10am and your back home in time for Saturday Kitchen! Its so perfect and thats why it works.

What I offer with my Personal Training is to attend Park Runs with you – for free! If you havent been and feel nervous, anxious or even scared of going, i’ll come with you. No charge, no fee, no favour its just part of my service and my mission to get people out and about! We can run, walk, run a bit, talk a bit. The only catch is that we have to complete it!

Group Sessions

Want to train with your Nan, Dad, Gran, Baby, Partner, Colleagues, Girlfriend, Dog…. you name it we can train it! Contact me for rates on group sessions. I speciailise in up beat, high intensity, sweat and tears circuit sessions. Prepare to swear! Perfect if you have a wedding coming up, girls holiday, baby bootcamp….

Reflective Diary

I encourage everyone and anyone to keep one of these when you embark a new journey. These are personal to you but critical for thinking over your progress your strengths your weaknesses and an whether your goals need to be reviewed. I will be with you for your training sessions but its important to stay on track in between sessions. This will help keep focus!