About Us

Hi. I’m Eleanor AKA Fitness Fashion Fox and I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor for Think Urban Fitness.

Probably the worst representative for sport whilst at school. I used to hide in the bushes during cross country and join the girls on their 2nd lap to give the impression I had completed the whole route. I hated sport. Apart from football, well let’s face it, I had found boys and figured this was my way in having not been blessed with good looks. I was always last to be picked in any sport and always first to receive detention. My P.E teacher would probably be screwing if she knew I was now an AVID sports fan, ran distance races all over the world; was glued to my screen during the olympics watching everything from Judo, Rhythmic Gymnastics to Slalom Canoes; and my most prized sporting achievement – I ran the 2016 London Marathon.

So what happened? Why the change of heart? Well I started hitting the gym in 2003 when I started university. A friend of mine would drag me along, this new invention ‘spin’ was supposed to be good for you – we’d heard. It wasn’t for me.
My body went into shock & I nearly fainted. What followed was ten years of on/off gym memberships the odd
classes and 20 minute periods on the cross trainer whilst watching Eastenders. Certainly no weights in sight.

During the last ten years I have also been beavering away in the City of London.
Progressing my career within health and social care. I started out working in prisons and community health services promoting and enabling a recovery agenda for those who misused substances whilst promoting their social inclusion. I quickly moved into management and I have

excelled through the ranks to one of the UK’s top 5 charities, the NSPCC. I now consider myself to have specialist knowledge on the safety and well-being of both children, young people and adults. During my last few years of work I have found there to be an increased level of stress. With reductions in resources but an appetite for more, I needed an outlet.

I signed up for a Personal Trainer in 2014 as I needed to lose a few lbs. 12 months later I was a different person. Not only in shape, with a few muscles, but my mental health, stress, anxiety and resilience had improved immeasurably. I felt like it was a miracle. Or was it? Maybe endorphins were real? Shit!

So my journey began! After having a few life changing moments. My dad being diagnosed with Leukemia for one. I shone a light on my career plan and the value it gave to my life. I definitely get something but I figured I needed to cut back. Taking inspiration from my business partner Laura who had also recently gone part time to practice Reflexology, I thought, that’s it, I’m joining her! I qualified as a PT by studying on alternate weekends for nearly four months and I applied for exciting, new & part time (less money, less stress) roles. One being Fulham Football Club who I am now so excited to say I am working for as their Safeguarding Manager – Part Time. Leaving me lots of time to be what I really want – a Personal Trainer!

So… eughhhh, I’m now a “gym bunny” Im posting pictures on Instagram of “gym goals”. I’m hashtagging. I’m lifting. I’m running. I’m tweeting. I’m swimming ….And you know what?! Im loving life! Im proud that even though I’m not a size 8 (and never will be) I’m making this incredible body I’ve been given, work hard. So that hopefully, just hopefully I might live a bit longer and with any luck, live my life with a stronger more able body!

Seeing my dad poorly told me a few things, aside from what an amazing health service the UK has (he’s now in remission), it told me that our bodies are ‘actually’ amazing. The MOST sophisticated machines in the universe. Why are some of us not looking after them? Well, I am. Now, I still eat chocolate. I eat meringues too… eek. I have the odd treat or two, or three. I am all about balance. I am so not a dictator but I am serious. About getting you in to the best shape you can be in. Small, tall, skinny, few too many mars bars and bags of chips. Its cool. Lets do it. Lets work together. Im up for it. If you are?!

And I’m Laura


I was 12 when I first discovered reflexology.  I was a ‘sicky’ child and I think my mum worked out quickly it was a lot to do with my state of mind so she sent me off to a lovely lady who gave me reflexology.  I fell in love with it and it’s been my go to whenever I’m going through illness or stress.  The latest life event to hit me was suffering a miscarriage and subsequent infertility which I thought was going to finally push me over the edge so I decided to pack up my job which involved me travelling the country, living in hotels and dealing with angry staff to find something more calm and fulfilling. So… I joined the dots (doing what you love) and ended up training to become a reflexologist!  This all sparked a chain of life altering events which has resulted in me living a very simple and peaceful life.

My background is working in the substance misuse field, in 2008 I went on a yearlong personal and professional development course to gain skills to support those going through substance misuse problems, I also happened to learn a lot about myself.  I still work in the field a few days a week supporting women to engage in services, running groups and delivering one to one sessions.  What I have noticed during my time working therapeutically with people is the mind-body link.  Therapy addresses the cognitive and I felt like something was missing, we hold anxiety and stress in our bodies eventually making us sick, and for me combining counselling skills with reflexology was a no brainer, quite like Eleanor does with PT, it’s a way of releasing what your body is storing.  So rather than being pumped full of prescription meds, which I have experienced for most of my adult life, I want to support and promote a way of living where we are comfortable discussing and dealing with both our physical and mental state of being without all the drugs numbing us.

I am a little bit of a hippy I live in Harrow with my husband where we spend most of our time cooking, watching TV box sets in the winter and gardening in the summer.

I don’t believe in preaching or telling anyone what to I just believe that living a life full or stress is a choice and making a choice to manage/deal with that is up to you.